DMK Designs Hawaiian brief solid

Ultra cool retro-surf print solid fabric, combined with a sexy sheer mesh, and an absolutely unique silhouette, make the Hawaiian one of the hottest underwear you will ever own. Sexy sheer mesh, soft to the touch, wraps around you, showing just enough sheer along the back to make them want more. Whether they get lucky is entirely up to you.AVAILABLE FROM
price €27.50


With sheer mens underwear being such a strong trend at the moment it seems like every designer underwear company is trying to get a range out, and one of our current favourites has ot be the Rudskin Leandro range.

The perfect blend of sexy sheer styling and great design, this mens underwear is designed to have you looking red hot with it’s sheer side panels, without making them too erotic for day to day wear thanks to a solid fabric front section.

Available in either a black or white colour option, this range of Rufskin underwear not only looks great on but also feels great too thanks to the super soft cotton / polyester and spandex fabric mix that makes up the brief.

ALL  FROM Banglads

Well earlier I told you about the new underwear collection from, but now I want you to check out their new swim collection. The new collection is called Edge of the 80’s. Its reminisent of the loud and bright colors of the 80’s, it features sexy cuts, and lowrise styles. The collection includes jammers, briefs, and an amazing bikini, that leaves little to the imagination.

find that at

your thoughts on men’s sheer underwear?

G strings

Sheer g strings are undoubtedly one of the hottest styles in the designer underwear market at the moment, with Joe Snyder being one brand leading the way, as seen by the their new Kinny 26 string.

Available to buy in either Black or White, this sheer string is about far more than flashing a little bit of flesh, it’s underwear that’s as much as fashion piece as anything you put on top of it, with the narrow mesh pouch held in place by two co-ordinating black and white strips of fabric that feed through loops to either side of the top of the pouch.

Follow the super thin straps round from to the back and it doesn’t get any less sexier with the minimal cut to the back making sure those fine butt cheeks of yours are shown off to great effect.


Came across these shorts they have sheer back and sides, and a bargain at only €18.50.

check out

men’s Thongs what do u think of them ?

Thongs are becoming a huge trend in men’s underwear. They aren’t just for girls or strippers anymore. They can be, and are, worn by many guys as just regular day underwear. These thongs are made and designed for and with guys in mind, so they have a pouch on the front to give room to allow for the package. Thongs are basically just a waistband with a pouch attached on the front and a string that goes in the butt-crack on the back. They can come in a variety of styles, fabrics, designs, and sizes. Of course thongs aren’t for all body types because they are very revealing and very small, you have to be fairly fit to look good in them.

So What is your Thoughts on the Thong.

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