Olaf Benz- End of Summer 2010 Massive Sale

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Olaf Benz RED 1065 – “Oops!” a Piece of Magic

“Oops!” is what many will say when they touch this slick fabric for the first time because the feel of this Italian innovation is simply sensational. It is wafer-thin, smooth as dolphin skin, cool, rustling like paper and on top of all very elastic.

Due to the fabric’s coated surface the colors reach a brilliance no one’s ever seen before. Olaf Benz Minipants and Olaf Benz Sportbriefs are the cool basics which make the perfect outfit together with an Olaf Benz Tanktop. The Olaf Benz Tanga is super sexy and boosts the optical attraction of the glossy fabric.

Olaf Benz RED 1065 is available to pre-order now exclusively at www. olaf-benz.net

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OLAF Benz – New Fall/Winter Collection

The new Fall/ Winter Collection coming out very soon. The first products will be in stock in September.

Olaf Benz RED 1062 – Available to pre order now,in stock December

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This is a design highlight of modern men’s underwear. The Olaf Benz designer forecasts a noticeable change in cuts for men’s underwear. Season after season the Briefs have become shorter and meanwhile show a maximum of skin between the navel and waistband. Now the waistbands are going up again. Olaf Benz believes in wide elastic bands and waist high Pants and Briefs. This line brings this change back into the right place in fashion. Pants and Briefs show a completely new silhouette. At the first sight this shocks just as massive as the change from skinny jeans to flares did.

Olaf Benz 0975 -Available to pre -order now,in stock october

The Olaf Benz Revival Series RED0975 with its dominant “Olaf Benz New York” signature has taken off to a good start. This season the choice of fabric came down to a light cotton jersey. In this way the Briefs and Shirt retain a clear basic look. They are available in strong Olaf Benz Red in addition to Black and White. It is interesting to see the rising interest in the sportive Hipjock, which attracts more and more fans from season to season.

Available to pre order from Olaf benz

Olaf Benz

Olaf Benz demonstrates with RED 0978 designer group that fabrics made of natural fibres and modern stylings are not mutually exclusive. However, it is not standard cotton that the Olaf Benz stylist has chosen. In Olaf Benz “Modern Nature“, for example, it is the unbelievable innovation of producing a new, soft fabric out of milk. The viscose process turns lactose into a yarn that maximises comfort especially in underwear, as in the Olaf Benz RED0978series.

Head over and check out the full collection at Olaf Benz

Four men’s mesh thongs, would like your thoughts on ???

1. olaf benz red 1032 mini string

Available in four different colours that range from bright yellow to a sophisticated black, this mens mesh g-string is as modern and stylish as it is sexy, and if that wasn’t enough it’s also very comfortable too thanks to the double layered pouch that supports your bits comfortably.

Designed to offer good coverage to the front, this semi-transparent string also offers generous side coverage for a string befire tapering down to a 2cm thong at the back.

2. Joe Snyder Shining Hilo Sheer Mesh G String 02

Definitely not a g-string that leaves anything up to the imagination, this mens g-string from Joe Snyder is available in both Black and White with both giving a very teasing and tempting look at what is beneath.

And it doesn’t just end with the fabric. Designed with a super narrow waistband and  T tring to the back, this is one very sexy piece of mens underwear.

3. Andrew Christian Super Mesh Jock With Show It Technology

using one of the widest mesh fabrics of the lot, this mens jock from Andrew Christian underwear is the one for you if you’re are some mesh underwear with a more laidback, but still very sexy look.

Styled in white with a contrast black Andrew Christian branded waistband, this mens jock is not only sexy because of it’s mesh fabric, but because it also has a Show-It comfy cup designed into the pouch which will act to lift your package up and out by as much as 1.5 inches.

4. manstore nos m101 hysterie minimum string

This mens g-string may well be minimal in terms what it covers, but it’s definitely far from quiet in terms of impact offering a very seductive look with its super contoured mesh pouch, narrow waistband and soft and sexy 2cm thong to the back.

Made completely from one layer of fabric that will sit against you like a second skin, this g-string also acts to give a great shape to your bits and can be bought in sizes Small to X Large