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Joe Snyder men’s swimwear is perfect for the beach or pool. With innovative designs and bold colors your sure to be noticed at your next pool party. Joe Snyder swimwear has no liner so it can easily be worn as underwear and perfect for risque swimwear. Remember when chosing a suit that lighter colored swimwear are more see-thru when wet than darker colored swimwear. Joe Snyder is made from 80% Nylon/20% Lycra Spandex. Only €28.00 Comes in Black, Black Mesh and Light Blue Get out there and start running in these hot running shorts. You will get lots of attention wearing the Joe Snyder running shorts.Available from

Joe Snyder all reduced

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Alphamaleundies have reduced all of their Joe Snyder products, you just got to check them out…

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Bright colours come in a variety of daring and classic styles, while things get a little cheeky and more naughty in the range of thongs and more, but the range itself covers everything from the outlandish to the classically simple and understated while not being too expensive to put you off entering the world of Joe Snyder.

These absolutely stunning designs are removed from the norm by their sheer innovation and interest, and take the staid world of men’s underwear up a few rungs to another level; brightly coloured running shorts join very cheeky mini boxers, while a series of superbly coloured thongs sits alongside some incredibly daring G-strings, making this the brand that takes the boredom out of men’s underwear and injects a definite sense of fun.

All are well made designed with the essential attributes in place, beautifully crafted and superbly finished while tackling the issues of support and comfort along with added style, and Joe Snyder offers a young outlook on the market that is presented as something fresh and original, different and daring. There is little in the way of competition for this very attractive and entirely forward thinking brand, and we expect Joe Snyder to make a big splash on the market.

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Joe Snyder rallies away with a collection for gay pride unlike any other.  Styles like the Rainbow Shining Cheek Boxer (also in Mini Cheek), super-comfy Kini and the Bulge Tanga Thong are all ready to keep you proud of your physique.  Find the collection now at Dead Good Undies.

Four men’s mesh thongs, would like your thoughts on ???

1. olaf benz red 1032 mini string

Available in four different colours that range from bright yellow to a sophisticated black, this mens mesh g-string is as modern and stylish as it is sexy, and if that wasn’t enough it’s also very comfortable too thanks to the double layered pouch that supports your bits comfortably.

Designed to offer good coverage to the front, this semi-transparent string also offers generous side coverage for a string befire tapering down to a 2cm thong at the back.

2. Joe Snyder Shining Hilo Sheer Mesh G String 02

Definitely not a g-string that leaves anything up to the imagination, this mens g-string from Joe Snyder is available in both Black and White with both giving a very teasing and tempting look at what is beneath.

And it doesn’t just end with the fabric. Designed with a super narrow waistband and  T tring to the back, this is one very sexy piece of mens underwear.

3. Andrew Christian Super Mesh Jock With Show It Technology

using one of the widest mesh fabrics of the lot, this mens jock from Andrew Christian underwear is the one for you if you’re are some mesh underwear with a more laidback, but still very sexy look.

Styled in white with a contrast black Andrew Christian branded waistband, this mens jock is not only sexy because of it’s mesh fabric, but because it also has a Show-It comfy cup designed into the pouch which will act to lift your package up and out by as much as 1.5 inches.

4. manstore nos m101 hysterie minimum string

This mens g-string may well be minimal in terms what it covers, but it’s definitely far from quiet in terms of impact offering a very seductive look with its super contoured mesh pouch, narrow waistband and soft and sexy 2cm thong to the back.

Made completely from one layer of fabric that will sit against you like a second skin, this g-string also acts to give a great shape to your bits and can be bought in sizes Small to X Large


Imported from Mexico, this swimwear line is heating up the beaches around the world. Made of a very thin 80% nylon and 20% lycra / spandex mix. It conforms and molds itself around every curve. Joe Snyder gear is unlined, so it can easily be worn as underwear or as a risque swimsuit. Swimming, Sun Bathing, Underwear, Body Building, Sports, Joe Snyder is Swimwear.

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Joe Snyder Underwear or swimwear ??

Joe Snyder is a men’s swimwear and underwear line based out of Mexico with a relatively long history in the garment business dating back to 1958 (according to the official website). In the current day, Joe Snyder is known for pouch underwear and swimwear in revealing cuts and plenty of color options. Since you can find Joe Snyder items at almost every major underwear retail website I thought it was overdue I tried a pair out. For my first Joe Snyder item I went with the “bulge” boxer that some sites also refer to as the “enhancement” boxer which is available in a variety of colors including white, black, blue, red, orange, pinstripe and others. Many of Joe Snyder’s items are described as dual-use for swimwear or underwear. How you end up wearing this particular item is of course up to you and a lot of websites are mixed with some referring to it as underwear while others put it in the swimwear category. The material is a swim-compatible 80% nylon and 20% spandex blend although there is also a mesh version which is more obviously meant to be underwear

Available from OR

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