Modus Vivendi

We are mensunderwear source are looking forward to seeing the new collection Modus vivendi by Christos bibitos.

Watch this space for more information.

Modus Vivendi By Christos Bibitsos

modus vivendi men’s underwear, beachwear, homewear and sportswear is a brand

who has been in operation selling all over world  ,for twenty two years,

The name modus vivendi, translated as “lifestyle”, “way of living”,

denotes all the designing and manufacturing approach of each product.

The basic characteristics and advantages of modus vivendi are:

  • Challenge through design break – through
  • Anatomic hygiene
  • The high quality of the materials used
  • Accuracy and consistency in the stages of production
  • Strict adherence to technical specifications.

In order to have a first view of some of our products the official e-page is:

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