Gregg Homme Activ Super Jock

The ACTIV collection super jock by audacious Canadian designer Gregg Homme boasts a unique fabric constituency, developed with the active man in mind. Gregg Homme’s unique take on this jock will receive a lot of attention, in no small part due to its ultra-cool Butt-lifter support system! Made from 48% micromeryl, 40% polyamide, and 12% elastane.

AVAILABLE from Alphamaleundies price  €28.00

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Gregg Homme Activ super jock

New Gregg Homme Collection. Activ Super Jock. 48% Micromeryl / 40% polyamide / 12% Elastane.

It is a fact that there is no way of knowing just what Gregg Homme is going to come up with next. This highly inventive brand has a range of jockstraps that is absolutely second to none simply take a look at the Activ Super jock for proof!

The 97% polyamide material not only gives stunning levels of support and comfort but it also produces the slightly, and sexy, translucent look that is part and parcel of the design; coupled with the wonderful diamond pattern that completes the look, this is one of the most attractive and simply stylish jockstraps we have seen. The brilliantly designed pouch is pure eroticism, the feel pure comfort, and the price very good indeed, while the overall look is one of a man of confidence and style. We canيt think of anything that equals this jockstrap for must-have appeal ٌ it really is that good.

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price €28.00