Sponsorship on mensunderwearsource

Hello and welcome to mensunderwearsource.com.

We are the fastest growing men’s underwear and swimwear blog on the internet.

we would like you to consider to advertise, and sponsor with us,and that we hope that we can help build your Business by driving

more customers to you  and by promoting your website and products.

You may want to promote your website but are on a budget,then you may want to become men’s underwear source friend.

ALL our spots are based on the site you choose…

To get started under he advertising banner program,Simply email  mensunderwearsource@gmail.com, send us a Banner no wider than 150 pixels wide and 250 pixels tall.

( banner size is based on the postion and the spot you choose. please email for more details)

If you start in the middle of the month,we will prorate your invoice for that month,and your first full invoice will be sent the first day of the next month.

On the first of each month we will send you a paypal invoice based on your rate.

NOTE. each sponsor has a desire to be at the top of the page however we can make no promises that your banner will remain in top position.

If another advertiser wants a higher rate they can claim a top spot,we will try to make every effort  to help you get into a position that you are happy with.


we can help if you need a banner created for your advertising needs.Let us know by emailing us @ mensunderwearsource@gmail.com

We will design a banner to your specifications…..

we will then send you a quote for the banner.

Once your banner is sent to you and you are happy,we will send a file to you so that you may use the banner on other site as you wish…..


If you are a brand store you may have us review your underwear, swimwear or clothing line.

We will promote your product by doing a one of a kind review unlike anything else out there.

If you want to inquire about a review email us at mensunderwearsource@gmail.com and we will get you the appropriate address to send your samples too.

Again thank you for considering us for your advertising needs……


All Banners are sized 150 x 300 Pixels priced at $64.78 for two months.

If you would like a larger Banner there is an up charge per month based on sizing off:
150 x 400+ $10.36
150 x 500+ $ 20.73
150 x 600+ $ 31.09


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