TODGER Prices cut on Alphmaleundies

TODGER is about sexy wearable cuts with high quality fabrics and sense of humour (the brand has a slick and chic logo with a twist in the name understandable only to the British). The secret is all in the underwear. It is a fashionable tool for men to feel and look sexy. It is not an intimidating image you must follow. That’s why our packaging is as simple as it is: we do not want to tell our clients how they should look. Actually, each man should be allowed to do what he wants with his own TODGER!”Available from prices have be lowered and start from €20 up to €30

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Todger Boxer Classic is a 100% cotton boxer short that looks cool and yet provides the comfort you need to relax, wherever you are. Who says that bearing it all is the only way to look sexy?

The 100% cotton material is comfy and is perfect for lounging around the house. One thing I would change about them is to have the material a little softer so when lounging around you’d be even more comfortable.

At night before going to bed I love to wear nothing but these boxers and just relaxing.

Available from Priced at €32.00

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Todger low crotch white briefs

There’s nothing like slipping into a new, fresh pair of white briefs, which I did today with my new pair of  Todger low crotch white briefs.   These are these sports cars of men’s white briefs fashion.  Not only do they look hot, but they’ve got some great stuff  that makes them comfortable and sensible

Leave it to the French to make a pair of undies that are not only but are still true to a classic fit.

My part is the waistband; it’s actually red on the inside with the on the outside, but the red actually blends through, making the waistband a very cute and pink!  Tres chic!  It’s one of those good waistbands that is nice and thick and stretchy with loads of support without being overbearing.

Available from Alphamaleundies priced at €21.00 /$27.16

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