Skivvies Dallas

Todd & Terry  prices have been reduced from $30.00 to  $16.00 at
SkivviesDallas is  brick-and-mortar store, the largest mens underwear store in the country/world at over 5000 square feet of sales floor and over 26,000 pairs of underwear, assorted light fashions, workout wear, swimsuits, jeans, shoes and accessories.  Unlike some of the online-only sites, we like to serve our customers as if they were actually in our store talking to us.  As a long time retailer, I like to give those little personal touches that make a transaction fun and real.  They  communicate with their customers directly about their choices and help them with decisions personally.  Most of their first time customers become regular customers in a very short time.
Dallas is a destination for travellers, and once a customer visits our store, they tend to come back and tell their friends about us.  That’s why we set up our new web site to serve our visitors and their friends. They regularly have (good looking) live models in our store to show off the new underwear styles and help serve customers. Imagine going in to a department store and having a cute young man dressed in nothing but his underwear saying, “how may I help you today…”
It all comes together to extend our reach around the world.  Currently we are regularly serving customers in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand Canada, South America and Russia.
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