Pikante – Juan esteban

Once again Juan Esteban has become the face of Pikante Underwear after he was featured in the 2009 Collection.

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Do you like PPU and Pikante underwear if so then read on… Alphamaleundies have lowered all their prices starting from  €15.00.

Bargin no to missed….

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Pikante all reduced

Pikante is the wild and sexy spin-off from the makers of Clever. Leave your modesty at the door and step into these exciting Brazilian imports that have taken our customers by storm.They have all been reduced to €20 and €23 for the shorts….

have a look at the range we carry from briefs, thongs, shorts,

A Bargin not to be missed check out at Alphamaleundies

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pikante Underwear

The all new spring/summer collection is now available at www.alphamaleundies.com web site! It’s not often a brand starts over from scratch with newer and better products, but Pikante doesn’t follow normal standards.  New styles include ring thongs, lace up trunks and slim cut briefs

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