Obviously: the World’s most comfortable underwear

Obviously is a whole new experience in the world of underwear. Luxurious, eco‐friendly materials combined with a unique anatomical design give men a comfort and freedom never thought possible.

It isn’t until you wear Obviously underwear that you truly begin to appreciate the difference and benefits.

Obviously’s revolutionary design forms the basis for what makes our underwear so comfortable. All Obviously for Men underwear products have an anatomically designed pouch into which you place both your penis and testicles. This ensures a snug fit while providing the separation necessary to eliminate the sticking, squashing, chafing, sweating and readjusting associated with traditional underwear.

Obviously underwear is also designed with a seamless back so they don’t ride up, have soft‐backed elastic waistbands and have direct print labels to ensure a maximum level of comfort. Our breathable, natural fibres also reduce any excessive heat build up in the crotch area.

The luxurious Modal fabric selected for our Obviously for Men collections come from sustainable Beech tree plantations using a 100% natural and chemical free process. Modal is super soft on the skin, ultra light weight, naturally breathable and has strong UV and shrinkage resistance properties.


Obviously Underwear

The Obviously for Men underwear range provides a number of significant benefits over regular underwear and addresses the Big 5 men’s underwear issues:

  • Sticking – no more sticking to the inside of your leg
  • Squashing – gone are the days of that ‘jammed down the front of your pants’ feeling
  • Readjusting – never have to make an embarrassing adjustment in public again
  • Sweating – our water absorbent material fibres will keep you cool and dry
  • Chafing – no more rubbing yourself raw every time you go for a run or cycle

Available from www.Obviously.com.au